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Are you looking for housekeeping in or nearby Ghent? Net to Home has established itself as thé trusted name in professional and high standard housekeeping services. Our experience has learned us that every home is as unique as the people living in it and therefore it also requires a unique cleaning service, something Net to Home is able to offer you. Our housekeeping and household personnel is carefully trained and is able to offer you the highest cleaning standards possible leaving you with a fresh smelling and clean home day after day and week after week.



A reliable and polite household help in Ghent

We understand the importance of receiving a familiar cleaning face. At Net to Home we try to allocate the same household help to a particular home to ensure a consistent and familiar service for our customers. We carefully select and screen our cleaning personnel in and nearby Ghent to ensure a high-quality, reliable and polite experience. We realize that having quality cleaners is key to our business and is key to keep you happy as a customer. 



Pay your household help with service cheques

Net to Home works with so-called service cheques (dienstencheques) and therefore we also offer the service cheque services to our customers in Ghent. Paying a household help with service cheques is a piece of cake and can be done both online and via the classic paper cheques. Thanks to the service cheque service we also ensure a competitive and prompt payment of our housekeeping in Ghent, which on its turn keeps them motivated. By the way, did you know you can benefit from a tax reduction when using service cheques?



An experienced and well-trained housekeeping help in Ghent

Similar to other business, the cleaning world keeps on evolving. As well-known cleaning services in Ghent, Net to Home keeps their uniform cleaning staff well-trained and up-to-date about the newest cleaning innovations and technologies. Thanks to our trainings we give our housekeeping helps a good understanding of products and procedures to help them provide a high-quality service at all times. Our housework helps are equipped with the best equipment on the market! Because only the best is good enough to cater for all your domestic cleaning needs.

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